The Edge of Japanese Chef Knife blade is chipped. Why? What can do??

April 18, 2016

The Edge of Japanese Chef Knife blade is chipped. Why? What can do??

We sometime hear from customer that his blade is chipped, and what the best way to fix is. The best thing is obviously avoid your blade get chipped by wrong way of using. 

Most of reasons for chipped or nicked blade can be,

  • Strong power was added from the side of blade edge
  • Bang hard items with blade edge (specially, with thin edge such as Gyuto, Santoku and Petty Knife)
  • Twist knife while cutting

 In order to cut hard item such as bone and crabs, we recommend using Deba Knife or Honesuki Knife. Avoid banging to cut any items, use your wrist strength to give power or, insert knife straight (vertically to cutting board), and gently add the power on the back (MINE) of knife.

However, more you use, it is a fact that blade get chipped even though minor.  Once you have found the chipped blade, immediately sharpen the blade and make chipped area smooth. (To check if blade is sharpening equally, cut a sheet of paper slowly. Well sharpen blade will cut a paper smoothly.) Even a minor or small chipped blade can make your knife cracked. Sharpening small chip takes a little time but cracked blade will take huge amount of time. Not only that, in case if there is deep crack from the edge of blade, sometimes, it is not possible to fix with standard sharpening stone.  So it is important to keep eye on your knife and keep it in good status by maintaining even there are no chips or crack. This is the way, you can keep you knife always sharp and fine art.


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