Fascination of Japanese Knives-Authentic Japanese Chef Knife

October 28, 2015

Fascination of Japanese Knives-Authentic Japanese Chef Knife

Nakiri Knife

When to use Japanese Knives?

You can use anytime you want. I would like to say, that’s the best for you and for your satisfaction when you own your knife. There are various kinds of knife types, means obviously there should be reasons when each knife type was crafted.  I however, will talk detailed aims for each knife in another time.

When talk about Japanese Made Knives, it is not Sashimi Knife only. It can be divided into three large categories – Wabocho (Japanese Style Knife), Western Style Knife and Chinese Style Knife. Each category has different type of knives for different purpose. 

Wabocho (Japanese Knife), perceptibly, is used to cut/prepare Japanese cuisine and other two are self-explanatory.  Among Wabocho, there are many reasons for having different shape, weight, length and blade for each Wabocho knife, therefore the best use of these knives are when you are going to cook Japanese cuisines, and select type of knife, then length or blade if you have  select from. For example, use Nakiri Bocho (vegetable knife) to cut cabbage, and then next, you cut the cabbage with your Western style knife. You shall at once recognize ease and difference of feeling when you completed.

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