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Sukenari - the best Japanese chef knife made of ZDP189

March 16, 2016

Sukenari - the best Japanese chef knife made of ZDP189

I would like to introduce one of our new products from Sukenari.

Sukenari is a specialized maker of professional cooking knives. Since its foundation in 1933, 
Sukenari is highly trusted and evaluated on ’Honyaki’ cooking knife (rated as top professional cooking
knife) using Japanese Sword manufacturing technology.

Sukenari manufactures knives with ZDP189 – which is said that highest class of steel in the world in terms of solidity, and there is very few manufacturers who create Japanese knives with this. It has long history and loved by Japanese users, too!

Are you interested to Sukenari !? Please see the beauty of Sukenari from below URL.


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