Japanese Chef Knife Making Video Gallery Part 1 -Shigeki Tanaka

March 20, 2016

Japanese Chef Knife Making Video Gallery Part 1 -Shigeki Tanaka

Today, I would like to introduce how Japanese knives are made. Blacksmith first of all, start making shape from steel lot by using belt hammer only with his hand touch sense. This video will take you to the Japanese handmade knives’ world and great eye opener to feel craftsmen’s soul. Watch now!



-Tanaka Shigeki-

Young skilled craftsman. To see how he hammers the material into the shape of knives easily is an expansive spectacular. His passion for knife-making is as hot as heated iron. Shigeki Tanaka has gained his knife-making skill through training in Takefu, Fukui. He has been creating many works with his own brand “Shigeki-saku” mainly. With his craftsmanship and radical design, his knives are beloved by people all over the world.

If you are interested, please visit Shigeki Tanaka’s products from below URL.


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