Sakai Takayuki Stainless Steel Moribashi Mahogany

Sakai Takayuki
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Mori-bashi��are Japanese kitchen chopsticks used in��Japanese cuisine. They are used in the preparation of��Japanese food, decollating to plates and are not designed for eating. These chopsticks allow handling of hot food with one hand, and are used like regular chopsticks. These chopsticks have a length of 30��cm (12��in) or more, and may be looped together with a string at the top. They are made from bamboo, Tip of chopsticks have serration so that easy to hold foods.


Material: stainless
Handle Material: mahogany and water buffalo horn
Length of the stainless part : 120mm,134mm,150mm,165mm,180mm,210mm,240mm,270mm,300mm

The handle is made of natural wood and the ferrule is made of buffalo horn. Please note that there is a color variation due to the natural material.

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