Japanny Club Old

  Now we introduce a membership 'Japanny Club' for our customers with plenty of perks and keep updated on newly
  newly created Japanese knives information. Not only discounted rate for products or shipping fee,
  you can consultant on selecting knife thru our specialist. Our service is not just selling knives but to
  ensure that customers purchase most appopriate product and it's maintenance for last long usage.
  Japanny Club is free, join and enjoy the service now!


- Free membership
- Monthly Membership exclusive offers
- Surprises on Birthday
- Complimentary consultancy of selecting appropriate knife with our professional consultant.

Remarks Available to any customer who register with accurate information.
  Membership is valid till member request to cancel or by Japanny's sole discretion. 
  Membership is not transferrable.
  Membership discount can not be combined with any other promotional discount.
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