How long Japanese Knives can be used?

12月 15, 2015

How long Japanese Knives can be used?



Like other knives, or any other tools, it is important to maintain your knives. There are many ways to maintain, just to sharpen knives or complex maintenance method to keep knife as brand new.

More you maintain, longer you can use knives in good condition. In fact, it is not exaggerated to say that there is no life span for knives, and it can be used forever, provided professional maintenance care are repeated.  One thing you may need to remember is different knife type, blade, material, etc  may require suitable sharpening stone and sharpening method.

Professional Chef may sharpen every time prior to use. A proper way of sharpening environment and sharpening stone are significant.  Further, type of cutting board used with the knife influences the maintenance of Knives.

As you know, ‘Wabocho’ has many different types for different purpose with different length and material of blade. Each combination has the best way to maintenance. We will share information on what knife shall be maintain how and how often in future blog.


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